Kervis was established in 2011 to take advantage of upcoming investment opportunities in the Italian real estate market by providing international investors local support and alignment of interest (co-invest). Kervis is a real estate investment specialist that price and manage the risk of real estate investments across multiple asset classes. Kervis team has over 20 years of investing
experience and has executed more than €15bn of transactions in Italy.
All Kervis professionals have international background having managed
transactions across all real estate asset classes with main focus on office,
residential and logistic. Kervis, headquartered in Milan, has developed preferred
relationships with international private equity investors and the main Italian Real
Estate players. Kervis is the gateway to Italian Real Estate Investments.


Kervis expertise is to identify underinvested assets with complex capital structure and execute repositioning projects. Kervis professionals follow the acquisition process from inception selecting opportunities, defining and coordinating due diligence processes, supporting investment negotiations, structuring and closing of each transaction.
Kervis team focus on 3 main areas:
· Partnership with International Investors;
· Direct Investments in real estate and distressed credit;
· Minority Investments in real estate Platforms/Club deals.

Asset Management

Kervis team, with a broad set of skills and network of Italian and International relationships, delivers investment performance.
Kervis professionals have a wide experience that ranges from handling leasing negotiation and large repositioning projects to the strategic oversight and advisory of large transactions involving both single asset as well as complex corporate disposals (fund creation/listing of property companies).

Kervis asset management team expertise:
· Direct Asset management;
· Indirect Management of real estate investments;
· Advisory and supervision of asset redevelopment;
· Strategic support to Real Estate Companies and Platforms;
· Management of distressed credits and repossessed assets.


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