Distressed Credit

Special situations and NPLs

Identify, invest and manage distressed real estate loans and assets in partnership with international investors.
Strategic support and advisory for large NPL’s portfolio. Executed several acquisitions in the past 5 years for more than 500M GBV.
Supported resolution of single positions and small portfolios with high real estate potential.


NPLs Acquisition Phase

Due Diligence
Due Diligence
Due Diligence

• Deep coverage of the legal status and strategy forthe workout - Long lasting relationship with law firms/external lawyers;
• Extensive real estate coverage of assets through on-site analysis, interviews and site visits;
• Wide network of local brokers to assess marketability of assets in secondary locations.
• Portfolio Pricing combining financial analysis, legal and real estate due diligence;
• Scenario analysis and sensitivities;
• Presentation to Investment Committees.
• Deal Structuring;
• Transaction Negotiation;
• Debt Financing.

NPL Asset Management

Loan Settlement

• Collateral valuation through deep understanding of the asset;
• Negotiation with the borrower;
• Legal and financial structuring of the agreement.

Consensual Sale

• Clear understanding of the collateral;
• Draft of the documents to sell the asset;
• Marketing of the asset through the extensive network of partner brokers;
• Access to the institutional investor network for larger assets.

Judicial Recovery

• Marketing of the auction/asset through the extensive network of partner brokers;
• Interface with receiver to speed up the distribution of the auction proceeds.


• Strategy implemented as an effective defensive strategy  on a selective basis;
• Real estate collateral underwirintg (pricing, capex, market study, techinal DD, viable exit);
• Structuring;
• REOco participation to the auction and legal docs drafting;
• Active asset management leveraging on the real estate asset management team capabilities (BP execution).